Hand Trauma Telemedicine Program


The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, in partnership with the Arkansas Trauma Communications Center and the Arkansas Department of Health, hosts the nation’s first hand trauma telemedicine program.

The program enables patients and their physicians in hospitals throughout Arkansas to consult in real time with hand trauma surgeons and specialists via a high-definition broadband video connection provided through Arkansas e-Link.

Real-time telemedicine consultations provide the best possible treatment for hand injuries. The surgeons, use an iPad or other mobile device, to connect to local doctors and hospitals that use telemedicine equipment. In addition to immediate access to hand experts, which is crucial to a successful recovery, the program decreases transfers, which improves the quality of care and saves money.

The Center for Distance Health provides the program with technical support and quality management.

For more information, contact:

Terri Imus, R.N.
Trauma Telemedicine Coordinator
Center for Distance Health
Phone: (501) 526-7180
email: imusterril@uams.edu